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Dermot G. O’Donovan Solicitors are delighted to have been awarded a score of 96% by the Legal Quality Standard of Ireland after our most recent audit.

The Q9000 is recognised by the Law Society of Ireland and is a risk, quality and practice management standard for Irish Law firms. As a firm with Q9000 accreditation, we have been independently audited and rank as one of the highest quality law firms in Ireland. We have shown that we observe the highest standard in the following areas:

  1. Client Management

  2. File Management

  3. Regulatory Compliance and Claims Management

  4. Practice and Systems Management

  5. Financial Management

  6. Human Resources Management

  7. Strategic planning and Marketing Management

  8. IT information and Knowledge Management

Dermot G. O’Donovan Solicitors first obtained accreditation with ISO over 10 years ago. In 2016 we obtained Q9000 legal quality certification and have consistently achieved high scores every year since then. We are pleased to again have improved our score and wish to thank all of the staff who have worked hard to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in Dermot G. O'Donovan Solicitors.

Margaret Irwin is our Quality Manager for the firm and ensures that all policies and procedures are implemented within the firm and that all members of staff are trained and compliant with our systems, procedures and policies.


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