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Extradition Law


We have extensive experience of advising foreign nationals who face Extradition proceedings throughout the EU. Extradition means the transfer of someone from one country to another for the purpose of prosecution or punishment for an offence of which they have been convicted. In general, extradition is only possible if there is an extradition agreement between the two countries in question.


Since 2004, extradition between EU member states has been governed by the European Arrest Warrant Framework Decision. This has been implemented in Ireland by the European Arrest Warrant Act 2003. Extradition to other countries from Ireland is governed by the Extradition Act 1965 as amended.


We regularly appear before the High Court in relation to European Arrest Warrant proceedings and have acted in a Supreme Court challenge to the validity of a European Arrest Warrant which clarified the law on proportionality in an important judgement which has been since cited regularly in High Court judgements.



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