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Business Law

Our Business Law team provides legal services to a wide range of clients in the areas of company law and corporate finance including:

  • Corporate governance

  • Partnerships

  • Reorganisations

  • Shareholders agreements

  • Franchising

  • Company secretarial


We specialise in advising various financial institutions in a wide range of bank transactions, providing advice on areas such as the following:

  • Secured and unsecured loans

  • Financing of tax based investments

  • Financial Structuring

  • Insolvency

  • Company Law requirements for lending

  • Realisation of security


Business Start Up Service


Given the varied expertise in the firm we can assist you in your business start up and provide a full service business start up package designed to meet your needs. Based on your requirements we can tailor a competitively priced business start up package across a range of services including:

  • Assist in start up grant applications

  • Company registration, draft partnership agreements, shareholders agreements

  • Negotiate premises lease

  • Review or draft supplier contracts

  • Draft contracts of employments, negotiate with employees union

  • Draft policies and procedures e.g disciplinary procedure, grievance procedure

  • Licensing matters e.g. wine retailers or full off licence, dance licence


We also work closely with other professionals to provide a fully integrated start up service.

For further information, please contact: or click here 

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